About Silver Jubilee

"AGLOW 11/12"

Father Muller College of Nursing,  a unit of Father Muller Charitable Institutions, located at Kankanady, Mangalore, the heart city of South Canara, Karnataka, was established in the year 1987 with the broad vision of the management, to educate and train young girls with an attitude and aptitude of caring and serving the needy, selflessly.

The College of Nursing has added many feathers of achievement in its silver crown as the years passed, and now it has transformed from just a name to a brand name, which is globally recognised, meeting the standards and qualities in every minute step it takes in the field of Nursing Education, Service and Research.

We here, under this broad umbrella, have B.Sc, PC.B.Sc and M.Sc Nursing course with the state of art facilities and well qualified and experienced staff who mentor and value each and every student and recognise the gem of the caring attitude, love and affection towards the suffering humanity, from within the students and mould them to be the global leader in the profession tomorrow, with the values that have grown up in them, the attitude that has transformed them and the achievements that have been conquered by them in our College of Nursing.

By the year 2012, Father Muller College of Nursing will be completing its successful voyage of 25 years, and let us take this opportunity to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of an Edifice.

Yes!!  An Edifice of Enlightenment and Empathy!!